Fearless Wheels
Fearless Wheels is a motocross game that you and your friends will be addicted to! Inspired by world's best MX riders with enjoyable graphics, challenging levels and fun riding above all!
Available for iPhone & iPad.
Game features
  • Race against 5 riders
  • 40 fun and challenging tracks
  • Each track with unique graphics
  • Do huge backflips & frontflips
  • Tune your bike
  • Enjoy 13 hilarious characters
Hello, all!
Last couple of months I've been pretty busy creating a new and awesome MOTOCROSS GAME Fearless Wheels.
Since I was a kid, I wanted to ride dirt bikes. But my BMX contract didn't allow me to. So one day I thought, if I can't ride a motocross bike, I should make a game about it. :) Make sure you check out and like Fearless Wheels facebook page and spread out the word!
Thanks and stay tuned! ;)
Arturs Matisons #31
BMX Olympic rider
Fearless Wheels creator Arturs Matisons